San Felice Chianti Classico


IN A NUTSHELL:  Tastes like cherries, then POOF!

ORIGIN: Italy (Tuscany, Chianti)

VARIETALS: Chianti Classico blend (at least 75% Sangiovese, plus Canaiolo and other)

SAQ PRICE: $19.05

This was my second foray into the Chianti world, and this one does not rank as high in my books. That being said, this wine got the best description from my 8-year-old daughter (who was allowed just one sip!): “It tastes like cherries, then POOF! It disappears.” That describes this wine perfectly. It is light but pleasant, it has lots of cherry and strawberry jam flavours at first, then it simply evaporates, leaving not a trace of aftertaste. It definitely needs to breathe a bit: it tastes like nothing when first opened. Oddly, while sampling it, I had visions of drinking this wine while eating antipasto in the garden of a Tuscan villa. Hmmm.



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