Terroir Grinou Réserve Merlot 2012


IN A NUTSHELL:  Quite harsh, but not entirely terrible

ORIGIN: France (Dordogne, Bergerac)


SAQ PRICE: $18.70

This wine needs something… maybe ageing? I was hoping I would love it because I love its label: a Neanderthal flint axe, like those found in the region where the wine is produced. But no. Not so much. It is harsh and in-your-face. It does not have a remarkable smell, and has lots of berries on the palate, but it is really quite aggressive and grabs you by the tonsils! The aftertaste is OK, with hints of vanilla, which struck me as odd: I am used to wines that do the opposite: enter nicely then exit badly. This one does the exact opposite. I won’t go out of my way to buy it.


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