Montgras Quatro 2015


ORIGIN: Chile (Valle Central)

VARIETALS: Cabernet sauvignon (45%), Carmenère (20%), Malbec (20%), Syrah (15%)

SAQ PRICE: $17.15

IN A NUTSHELL:  A surprisingly delicious, full-bodied red blend

I bought this wine on a whim, and it exceeded my expectations. It is excellent for its price. I drank it with my husband and mother-in-law at a lakeside chalet on a winter evening, beside a roaring fire, with a  plate of cheeses and pâtés. We all agreed it was delicious and well-balanced: fruity but not too sweet, full-bodied but not heavy, spicy but smooth. It smells almost cheesy on the nose, has a smooth cherry taste, and a slightly spicy and ashy finish. I will definitely buy this wine again and recommend it to others. Yum.


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